Unisteel Kitchen Equipments


Hospitality Consultancy

We are a fresh group with several experts, who are continuously working in the field of consultancy to help our clients with their various projects in hospitality which fits in their profile. Our commitment & continuous effort has opened several doors of opportunity in the last year.


Kitchen Layout Designing & Solution

Kitchen is the heart of the Hospitality Industry. Proper Kitchen Planning & Layout Designing is major concern before the execution of kitchen starts. Kitchen's layout must ensure best space utilization along with easy movement of moveable equipments in the kitchen corridors.


LPG Pipeline Designing & Installation

L.P.G is the necessity of every Kitchen. Ensuring a standardized L.P.G pipeline in Kitchen is the main objective of Unisteel Kitchen Equipments Installation team. L.P.G Pipeline Installation needs an experienced workforce in order to maintain Safety of Kitchen & its equipments.


Fresh Air Ventilation System Installation

In a commercial kitchen, working conditions are especially demanding. There are four main factors affecting thermal comfort, these being: air temperature, radiation, air velocity and air humidity. At the same time, high emission rates of contaminants are released from the cooking process. Ventilation plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions and in securing contaminant removal.


Exhaust System Ducting

Exhaust System & Ducting in the kitchen is one of the most important part of kitchen ensuring proper working conditions for the chefs & the others.Tradionally exhaust system just meant installation of exhaust fans in kitchen area. But now, in today's world the change in technology has given a new meaning to the exhaust system & ducting.


Kitchen Equipment AMC

Keeping your kitchen running smoothly for long years is imperative to your operation's success. Happy Kitchen Promise Programs It is a new way of Kitchen being offered exclusively by Unisteel Kitchen Equipments for its valued customers. By extending this promise we show that we at Unisteel Kitchen Equipments always care for your Kitchen needs.